”’Georgia”’ is a southeastern state of the United States. Georgia is the fourth state that signed the Constitution of the United States in 1788.

It is located on the Atlantic coast between South Carolina and Florida. The territory is separated from the Alabama River Chattahuchi in the west. The border with South Carolina passes along another big river Savannah.

The southern part of the territory of Georgia is wooded and swampy. The agriculture is highly developed in Georgia. Once the state’s primary product was cotton. Now farmers grow soybeans and peaches. Georgia is the leading producer of peaches in the United States, and it is often called the “Peach State.”

The capital and largest city of the state is Atlanta.

Georgia’s nicknames

Peach State, Empire State of the South


Georgia area

Total 59,425 sq mi (153,909 km2)
Width 230 miles (370 km)
Length 298 miles (480 km)


Indian culture existed in Georgia before the Spanish colonization and disappeared in 1560. In the second half of the 16th century, the Spaniards colonized the territory. At the end of the 17th century, the British began to claim the region and established their control there. The founder of Georgia was the English General James Oglethorpe. In 1742 he received a royal charter on the foundation of a new colony. The colony was named after the English King George II. In 1742 the Spaniards invaded Georgia but were defeated.

During the American Revolutionary War, Georgia was among the first 13 territories which united in 1776 and signed the Declaration.
In 1788 Georgia became the fourth state signed the USA Constitution.
During the Civil War Georgia became a part of the Confederation of the southern states of America. Its territory became a field of fierce battles.
The defeat in the war caused the weakening of Georgia.

The war put an end to slavery but failed to destroy racial discrimination. Racism in Georgia existed until the sixties of the XX century.
In 1961, black residents of Albany began a campaign of the desegregation of public spaces.
Racial segregation in the United States was abolished in 1964.
Georgia gained worldwide fame thanks to the Gone With the Wind novel. During the Civil War events of the novel took place in this state.


Around 9,820,000 people live in the state of Georgia. The average population density in Georgia is about 165/sq mi  (65.4/km2).

The largest cities of Georgia are the capital of the state Atlanta (more than 420,000 inhabitants), Augusta (about 200,000 inhabitants), Columbus (about 190,000 inhabitants), Savannah (about 140,000 inhabitants) and Athens (more than 115,000 inhabitants).

TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities of Georgia

* Georgia Institute of Technology
* University of Georgia
* Georgia State University
* Emory University
* Kennesaw State University


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