”’Connecticut”’ is a state in the northeastern of the United States, part of the New England region.
The largest city is Bridgeport. The name of the state of Connecticut, like many other names of the USA states, comes from the language of the Indians. On the territory of the modern state of Connecticut lived Indians of one of the Algonquian tribes – Mohegans. The word quinatucquet in Mohegan means “long river.” The names of the Connecticut River and the State of Connecticut comes from this particular word.

The capital of Connecticut is Hartford.

Connecticut’s nicknames

The Constitution State, The Provisions State, The Land of Steady Habits, The Nutmeg State


Connecticut area

Total 5,567 sq mi (14,357 km2)
Width 110 miles (177 km)
Length 70 miles (113 km)


Until the XVII century, the territory of Connecticut was inhabited by the Algonquians, a group of tribes. There were about seven thousand Indians.
The first Europeans settled in Connecticut in 1613. However,  in 1633 they were pressed down by English colonists, who began to develop a vast territory, which they called New England. The Europeans moved to the mouth of the Hudson River, and in 1624 they founded the city of New Amsterdam (New York).
The British called the first settlement Windsor.

 The Pequot War broke out in 1637. Part of the Indians sided the British, and the defeated Pequots left Connecticut. On January 14, 1639, the Connecticut colony was established, and its inhabitants created a code of laws called Fundamental Orders. That is the reason why one of the official nicknames of Connecticut is “the state of the first Constitution.”

The War of Independence (1773-1783) was the war in which the people of Connecticut distinguished themselves, earning another nickname for their state at the end of the war: “the arsenal of the nation.”
In 1788, the state, among the thirteen first states, adopted the USA Constitution. In 1792, Congress, encouraging the development of industry in the United States, adopted the “income act,” which established high rates of taxes on the import of manufactured goods.

The First World War gave a new stimulus to the development of industry in the state, especially to enterprises that manufactured weapons and ammunition. Moreover, the acquired safety margin was enough to leave the period of the Great Depression of 1929-1938 without much loss. Then, during World War II, there was some other rise of industrial production and a new stage in the modernization and expansion of production for the military-industrial complex.


Around 3,600,000 people live in Connecticut (twenty-ninth in population). The average population density in the state is about 739 / sq mi (fourth in the United States, the population density is higher only in the states of New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts).

Connecticut ranks first among the USA states on the human development index.

The largest cities of Connecticut are Bridgeport (about 145,000 inhabitants), New Haven (about 130,000 inhabitants), the state capital of Hartford (about 125,000 inhabitants), Stamford (more than 120,000 inhabitants) and Waterbury (about 110,000 inhabitants).

TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in Connecticut

* Yale University
* University of Connecticut
* Wesleyan University
* Quinnipiac University
* Central Connecticut State University


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