”’Colorado”’ is a state in the west of the central United States.
For a long time, this peaceful mountain area was a bone of connection between France and Spain. The USA put an end to this controversy added Colorado in the states’ list in 1876. In Colorado lives 4.3 million people.

The large part of Colorado is located in the Rocky Mountains hilly region. The Rocki Mountains is the natural climatic boundary between the western states, the central and eastern parts of the United States.

Colorado is the only USA state whose entire territory has a height above sea level over one kilometer. The highest point of the state of Colorado is Mount Elbert, the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains and the second highest in the USA, after Mount Whitney in California.

The capital and biggest city of Colorados is Denver. Some different large cities are Pueblo, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Arvada, Englewood, Westminster (USA).

Colorado’s nicknames

The Centennial State


Colorado area

Total 104,094 sq mi (269,837 km2)
Width 280 miles (450 km)
Length 380 miles (610 km)


From the 15th century BC to the 12th century AD, Indian tribes lived in this area, calling themselves “Anasazi,” representatives of a developed agricultural civilization. Probably, descendants of these tribes are The Utah and Cheyenne tribes.
In the XVII century, the Spaniards came to the land of future Colorado. After them, the French arrived from the developed colonies of Louisiana. Then a long struggle because of the control over the territory began.

At the beginning of the XIX century The United States of America occupied Colorado, and in 1876 it became the thirty-eighth state.
In the seventies of the XIX century, with the construction of the railway in the region, gold rush started here. However, the gold rush in Colorado was short-lived.
During 1913 there began an addiction to skiing among the locals. So Colorado has become one of the leading centers of skiing.

The territory received its name in the same way as the names of several other states of the Western United States were received.

The first Spanish explorers called the region Colorado, which means “red,” it was the red landscapes of this very “multi-colored” state that the Spaniards initially noticed.
By the way, its nickname, “State of the Century,” Colorado received precisely because of its foundation date. The fact is that in 1876, the United States celebrated the centenary of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the United States.


The population of Colorado exceeds five million people.  Colorado’s population is rising because of natural increase and immigration as well.
Lots of Hispanic residents live in Colorado, mostly immigrants from Mexico or their descendants. Moreover, the Scandinavian, Italians, and Jews descendants live there.

 TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in Colorado

* University of Colorado Boulder
* Colorado State University
* University of Denver
* United States Air Force Academy
* University of Colorado Denver


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