”’Arizona”’ is a 48th state, which became part of the United States. It is located southwest of the country. Arizona is one of the Four Corners states along with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Arizona’s capital is Phoenix. It is the biggest city in the state. The town was founded under the name Phoenix on February 25, 1881. In this place was an old Indian settlement. The name is compared with the name of the mythological bird Phoenix.

Arizona’s nicknames:

Apache State, Copper State.


Arizona area
Total 113,990[2] sq mi (295,234 km2)
Width 310 miles (500 km)
Length 400 miles (645 km)


The first people came to the territory of Arizona about 12 thousand years ago. However, the growth of pre-Columbian culture in these lands falls on the XI-XIII centuries. At that time agriculture and crafts sphere prospered there.

At the beginning of the XVI century, the Spaniards for the first time penetrated the lands of future Arizona. However, they did not seek to stay there. Military posts and the Catholic missions of the Spaniards were rare in Arizona and were often attacked by native Indians.

From the second quarter of the XIX century, which had already become Mexican, colonists from the USA actively penetrate the territory of Arizona. As a result of the Mexican War in 1848, the United States received all the lands of Arizona located north of the Gila River. In 1853, the United States bought another 76,735 km2 from the Mexican government, located south of the Gila River.
Arizona, which had already become a district in 1863, turns out to be the area of the struggles of the Indians for the right to live on their land. The result of that was massive Indian human losses and moving to the reservation.

After that white colonists began to explore all the agricultural resources of Arizona. Arizona was becoming more attractive for development since the new railway was built.
February 14, 1912, the USA President William Taft signed the document to make Arizona 48th state of the USA. For a long time, Arizona remained the youngest state in the country.

The native people of Arizona were apparently not satisfied with the living conditions in reservations. In 1948, the Arizona Indians in the United States Supreme Court won a lawsuit against state authorities — they received the right to participate in elections. Native American activists fought in all legal ways to improve the quality of life of their tribesmen. The first college in the Indian reservation was built in 1969 for the Navajo tribe.


In 1980 Arizona’s population was 16.2% Hispanic, 5.6% Native American, and 74.5% non-Hispanic white. In 2010, the racial makeup of the state was 29.6% Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up and 57.8% Non-Hispanic whites formed the total population.

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