The aim of this wiki is to introduce a reader to the possible ways of forging the documents and relevant topics. Forgery of documents is a common problem that means the manufacture of forged documents by complete falsification of document (faking all the components of a document: text, signatures, stamps) or falsification of its individual elements (illegal change of individual parts of the original document). So, FakeIDWiki.com helps people to be aware of such an important subject as their safety and law policy. WikiForgery’s articles provide reliable information about fake documents, technologies of creating them and the legal aspect of this case. The main feature of the FakeIDWiki.com is the possibility for everyone who follows the rules of the encyclopedia to create and edit its articles. This approach allows readers to get fresh and clear data relative to the topic of false documentation. Visitors are able to make their own informational space and share personal observations about the problem of fake documents. Reading FakeIDWiki.com articles, users can learn about all the difficulties of the topic and will be able to prevent fraud in the future.